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Glass - Pilkington K Glass How does Pilkington K Glass work?

You're probably wondering how a microscopic coating on a pane of glass can make such a big difference to its performance. This is how it works.
The glass in your windows absorbs heat then radiates it again on the colder, outside, surface. Pilkington K Glasses has what is called a low emissivity coating on the surface that faces into the air gap of the double glazing unit.

Low emissivity means the coating is a poor radiator. The heat absorbed by the coated glass is inhibited from radiating across the air gap and then from the outer pane to the cold outside world. Instead, the heat is reflected back into the room by the coating.

We manufacture to the highest standards and believe that creating the right look for your home is essential. Our doors are built with a 10 point locking system for added security to make your home safer than ever.

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In the case of windows and glazing, because they admit the sun's energy, the U value concept can be taken a step further. Even in the winter the sun can shine and help to warm a room.

Over a typical heating period the amount of useful heat from the sun entering through windows can be subtracted from the normal U value (a measure of the heat leaving through the windows) to give an overall "effective U value".

This is dependent upon the direction the window faces. In the case of south facing windows with Pilkington K Glass double glazing units, the normal U value of 1.9 W /mK is reduced to an Effective U value of virtually zero. In other words, the amount of heat lost is balanced by the heat gained from the sun. Effective U value can simply be regarded as "heat out minus useful heat in.

Pilkington K Glass™ has high light transmission and appears virtually the same as clear float glass. However, in rare instances of strong oblique lighting, the coating may be seen as a transparent film. This is simply a transient visual effect which can be considered positive evidence of the coated surface being present.

Further evidence of the coating's presence is through the very minor effect it has on white light transmission. This effect is so small as to be generally unnoticeable. However, when a light colored object or material is in close proximity to the glazing, dependent on local circumstances and conditions, a slight darkening can be noted.

Because Pilkington K Glass™ is so neutral in appearance, it is recommended that its presence in a double glazing unit is confirmed on installation.

This can be achieved by the use of a coating detector which unit manufacturers or installers should have available.

In certain extreme environmental conditions, low emissivity glasses might increase external condensation.

Creating privacy

(Beside picture) – Frosted glass gives you a high degree of privacy behind your window/door whilst still letting light in. Bright Windows’ wide selection of designs and colors makes the most of its feature to really make your window/door stand out.

Many of our glass designs can be specified with two different backing glasses as well as clear, offering varying levels of obscurity. Choosing the right backing glass can help keep your home your own.

Our stunning glass designs are made using the highest quality materials, so glass colors will remain Bright and vibrant for years and years to come.

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